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Easy and for all

Does it feel the same when you watch a pro game with and without commentators voice? Now imagine you’re the one in the play. How does it feel to have all of your best goals and worse misses commented by pros? Download Pitz and discover it.

Commented video highlights,<BR>
Easy and for all<BR>

La REPE by Pitz turns all of us into stars

Pitz is the platform for soccer teams, players and parents to easily manage a team. But we know just managing a team can get boring some times so we decided to spice up amateur football and take the soccer experience to the next level with La REPE by Pitz.

We'll turn your league into a better business

Size doesn't matter, there's room for everyone in Pitz.


We'll get you the sponsorships you're looking for from global and regional brands.


Te acompañamos en cada área de tu negocio asesorando tus decisiones.


We're the only ones to give you a full league management system and an App for your players for FREE.

More Revenue
More Revenue

Success is guaranteed, elevate your revenues by implementing Pitz as a new business model.

Register and attend our webinar for FREE and you'll get 1 month of commented videos for your teams!

Use Pitz App for free and get rewarded for playing soccer.

Earn sponsorship offers immediately and take your soccer experience to the highest level with La REPE by Pitz.

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